İDÖ183 – Computer Skills I Syllabus – Room: 201, Friday

Ufuk Balaman / Office: 305


Office hours: xx, please send an e-mail for availability check


Week Date Topic & Content
1 xx Introduction


Office Training Software

Facebook Group

2 xx Writing a Formal E-mail

Europass CV

–               Assignment No.1

How to Deliver Assignments

Transferring Documents

3 xx MS Word

APA – Style Guide

–               Assignment No.2

4 xx MS Powerpoint

Other Presentation Software

Presentation Guide

Introduction of Midterm Assignments

5 xx Midterm Presentations 1
6 xx Midterm Presentations 2
7 xx Midterm Presentations 3
8 xx Picture-Audio-Video Editing Tools

–                Assignment No.3

9 xx Google
10 xx Basic Web Design

Software required: Notepad++ (free)

–               Assignment No.4

11 xx
12 xx
13 xx



  1. Write a formal e-mail following the conventions and introduce yourself. Attach your Europass CV to the introductory e-mail and send it to
    10 points (Deadline: xx)
  2. Correct the paper on the Facebook group in accordance with APA 6 standards. Send it to
    10 points (Deadline: xx)
  3. Make a one-minute video including pieces of a screencast and your own recording discussing your experience in our ELT program so far.

20 points (Creativity bonus: 5 points) (Deadline: xx)



  • Prepare a presentation using MS PowerPoint or other software and present it in class in 4 minutes.

20 points (Three weeks: 04.11 group1; 11.11 group2; 18.11 group3)



  1. Design a basic HTML web page;
    • Introduce yourself with a photo and a short text, and then write a reflection of whole semesters using a minimum of 200 words.
    • Add a hyperlink to a social networking account of yours. Use as many codes as possible in the html document.

40 points (Deadline: xx – 23.59)


To do list:

  1. Get a copy of this course pack.
  2. Get a copy of Office training software.
  3. Join Facebook group of the department.

  1. Join Facebook group of the course.
  2. Download and install Microsoft Office.
  3. Study the Office training software (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel).
  4. Send assignment no.1 to the instructor.
  5. Send assignment no.2 to the instructor.
  6. Prepare your midterm presentation in accordance with the presentation guide.
  7. Download and install MS Movie Maker software.
  8. Send assignment no.3 to the instructor.
  9. Download and install Notepad ++ software.
  10. Send final assignment to the instructor.



How to Write a Formal E-mail

  1. E-mail Address
    1. Use a neutral e-mail address
    2. Make your name visible (email settings)
  2. Header
    1. Subject header; clear and direct
      1. such as “ELT183 First Assignment”
    2. Salutation
      1. Greeting
        1. When you do not know the name
          1. Dear Sir or Madam
          2. Dear Sir/Madam
        2. When you know the name
          1. Dear Mr. Mrs. Dr. last name
          2. Dear full name
        3. Introduce yourself (if necessary)
          1. My name is …
          2. I am a …
        4. Purpose (the actual message)
          1. I am writing to enquire about …
          2. I am writing in reference to …
          3. I am writing to ask for some information.
          4. I would like to apologize for …
          5. I would appreciate it if you …
          6. Would you happen to know … ?
          7. Unfortunately, I will not be able to …
          8. I would rather not …
          9. I would be grateful if you could …
            1. I am not I’m
          11. Final remarks
            1. Signaling closing
            2. Thanking
              1. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
              2. Thank you for your consideration.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know.
  1. I look forward to hearing from you.
  1. Closing
    1. Respectfully
    2. Best regards
    3. Regards
    4. Kind regards
    5. With kind regards
    6. Sincerely (US)
    7. Yours sincerely (UK)
    8. Yours faithfully (UK)
  2. Signature
    1. Write your full name
    2. Affiliation
    3. Contact information
  3. Proofreading
    1. Content
    2. Grammar and spelling
    3. Use MS Word to check
  4. Suggestions
    1. Attachments
    2. Line breaks, indents
    3. Check spelling on Word
    4. Separate paragraphs
    5. Less than 5 paragraphs
    6. Write directly about what you want to enquire or submit
    7. Font size and type




Presentation Tips


  • Think about your audience
  • Write an outline
  • Research the topic
  • Write a draft
  • Plan your draft and prepare the visuals
  • Prepare your presentation
  • Minimum 16 pt. (and do not use Comic Sans)
  • No more than seven or eight points
  • Color, pictures and graphs
  • Check the computer if it is compatible for your presentation
  • Save multiple backups to a flash drive, your email account and Dropbox (start using it if you are not)
  • Use handouts if they serve your purpose
  • Rehearse it
  • Capture the attention
  • State your purpose: I’m going to talk about… I want to explain…
  • Present your outline: First of all… Then… And finally…
  • Present main points one by one
  • Make it clear when moved to another point
  • Present a short summary to signal ending
  • Restate your purpose and declare that you achieved it (if you did)
  • Thank the audience for listening, and ask for questions
  • Talk, do not READ!
  • It is not an essay
  • Eye-contact
  • KISS: Keep it straight and simple
  • Emphasize key points
  • Watch your language
  • Speak loudly enough
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Do not keep using the same volume
  • Stand straight and comfortable, hold your head up
  • Use your hands and facial expressions
  • Check the audience
  • Smile

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How to Google

Some steps for searching effectively

– narrow your search by adding search words

– Google automatically searches for variations of the words

– use uppercase OR to search for results that include one term or another


Symbols or tags Function
site: only searches the pages of that site.
“       ” searches for the exact phrase, not each word separately.
excludes this term from the search
~ also searches related words (tilde in TR keyboard: altGr+ü and space)
.. shows all results from within the designated time range
filetype: searches only results of the file type you designate
intitle: only shows results with that word in the title
author: search for the papers by the author
define: quick word definitions
calculator +-*/ and () are basic functions of calculator app.
converter 54 pounds in kilograms

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Other Interesting Features of Google


Long number pronouncer 123454174328=English
Search for flights
Ngram Viewer
Cultural Institute

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Google Services

-Maps   (street view)                  -Drive

-Gmail                                      -Youtube

-Blogger                                   -Translate

-Play (android)              -Images



Google Scholar

-Finding articles

-Accessing articles:

-Hacettepe University Library

-Proxy servers to connect out of campus port: 8080

-Quality issues:


-Online Academic Journals:



-Copy and paste


-APA Style



-Institutional subscriptions

-Bulletin subscriptions (Newsletters)

-RSS (Rich Site Summary)






Basic HTML


<html> Defines an HTML document
<title> Defines a title for the document
<body> Defines the document’s body
<h1> to <h6> Defines HTML headings
<p> Defines a paragraph
<br> Inserts a single line break
<hr> Defines a thematic change in the content
<!–…–> Defines a comment
<center> Defines centered text
<img> Defines an image
<a> Defines a hyperlink
<table> Defines a table <tr>(rows) <td> (columns)
src=”…” Source of the material
href=”…” Location of the hyperlink
target=”…” Target of to be clicked on opened hyperlink
style=”…” Style of the html document content
style=“color:red” Paints text to red
style=”background-color:blue” Paints background to blue


Style Properties

color red, or a color code
background-color blue, or a color code
font-family georgia, times new roman, serif
font-size px
margin- top, bottom, right, left px
text-align right, left, center, justify
width px
height px

for color codes :