Oral (Effective) Communication Skills


Dr. Ufuk Balaman


Office: B-305


Main Source:

Wong, J. & Waring, H. Z. (2010). Conversation analysis and second language pedagogy. Routledge.



Week Date Content
1. xx Introduction of the Syllabus

Getting to know each other

2. xx What is conversation?

What is interactional competence?

Speakership and listenership vs. talk-in-interaction

Preparing feedback on video-recorded interactions

Conversation workshop I

3. xx Turn-taking, construction, sharing, and allocation

Turn-taking practices

Conversation workshop II

4. xx Turn-taking, construction, sharing, and allocation

Turn-allocation practices

Conversation workshop III

5. xx Conversation workshop IV


6. xx Work on the assignment! (Open office)
7. xx Video feedback on turn-taking

Conversation workshop V

8. xx Sequence organization

Preference organization

Expanding the talk-in-interaction

Conversation workshop VI

9. xx Type-specific sequences of talk-in-interaction

Requesting, apology, compliment, announcements

Agreement, disagreement

Conversation workshop VII

10. xx Conversation workshop VIII (Recording)
11. xx Work on the assignment! (Open office)
12. xx Video feedback on sequence and preference organization

Conversation workshop IX

13. xx Conversation workshop X
14. xx Concluding remarks

Conversation workshop XI



Video Feedback (25 pts x 2) = 50 pts (midterm)

Final Interview = 50 pts

Bonus: Attending Conversation Club meetings = 10 pts



PRESENTATIONS and FEEDBACK SHEETS* (click to download)

Week 2:

ppt: L2 Interactional Competence and Teaching of Conversation


Week 3:

ppt:  Turn-taking Practices


Week 4: 

ppt: Turn-taking Practices (Lecture 2: Turn Allocation)

doc: Feedback Sheet for Turn-taking Practices


Week 7: 

ppt: Sequencing Practices I (Adjacency Pairs and Preference)


Week 8: 

ppt: Sequencing Practices II (Type Specific Sequences)

doc: Feedback Sheet for Sequencing Practices


The materials within the presentations are based on Wong & Waring (2010).


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