Oral Communication Skills II


Dr. Ufuk Balaman


Office: B-305

Office Hours: Fridays, 09:00-11:00


Main Source:

Wong, J. & Waring, H. Z. (2010). Conversation analysis and second language pedagogy. Routledge.


Week Date Content
1. xx Welcome Back!

Review of the First Semester

Introduction to the Syllabus

Conversation workshop VII

2. xx Topic management practices

Initiating, shifting and terminating a topic

Conversation workshop VIII

3. xx Conversation workshop IX
4. xx Video Feedback on Topic Management

Conversation workshop X

5. xx Story-telling practices

Launching, telling and responding to the story

Conversation workshop XI

6. xx Conversation workshop XII
7. xx Video Feedback on Story Telling

Conversation workshop XIII

8. xx Overall structuring practices:

Conversation openings & closings

Conversation workshop XIV

9. xx Conversation workshop XV
10. xx Video feedback on conversation openings and closings

Conversation workshop XVI

11. xx Repair

Conversation workshop XVII

12. xx Conversation workshop XVIII

Season finale

Concluding remarks



Video feedback Final exam
15 x 3 = 45 pts 15 pts (Repair video feedback)

40 pts (interviews)

10 pts Conversation Club bonus (take it!)



PRESENTATIONS and FEEDBACK SHEETS* (click to download)


Week 2:

ppt: Sequencing Practices III (Topic Management)

doc: Feedback Sheet for Topic Management


Week 5:

ppt: Sequencing Practices IV (Story Telling)

doc: Feedback Sheet for Story Telling


Week 8:

ppt: Overall Structuring Practices (Conversation Openings & Closings)

doc: Feedback Sheet for Openings and Closings


Week 11:

ppt: Repair Practices

doc: Feedback Sheet for Repair


The materials within the presentations are based on Wong & Waring (2010).


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